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Treat yourself to a wellness stay with massage at the Hotel Montana & Spa in Chamonix

Based in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in Haute-Savoie, the Hotel Montana & Spa welcomes you in a well-being area to offer you massages, facials, body treatments and hair removal to enjoy a relaxing.

To enhance your beauty, Hotel Montana & Spa offers a team of professionals to de-stress you with personalized massage, face and body treatments tailored to your needs, with a travel rate of 15 euros.

Experts in the field, they perform benefits smoothly and efficiency for an irreproachable result through 100% natural products and appropriate methods.

If you are tempted by relaxing treatments, do not hesitate to book at the same time as the accommodation.

Hotel bien être et massage Chamonix

Pamper your body with our massage range

Our wellness area offers 3 massage formulas:

➢  Relaxing massage
45 / 60 mins à 80 / 95 euros
This massage is based on smoothing movements to relax through a slight pressure that your massage therapist will use at a slower pace.

➢  Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Massage
45 / 60 mins à 80 / 95 euros
This type of massage aims primarily to release the persistent areas of tension from your body with more focused pressure to treat those painful areas of muscle tissue.

➢  Indian head massage
45 mins à 80 euros
Indian head massage is an ancestral therapeutic treatment. It focuses on the head, shoulders and neck while using a variety of pressures and techniques, including circular massage on the scalp to provide a feeling of relaxation.

Hotel bien être et massage Chamonix

Hand and foot care

The experts in our wellness area make every effort to care for the hands and feet with disposable sterilized material to prevent fungal and skin infections.

Combining meticulousness and technicality, they put at your disposal a wide selection of nail colors from major brands to restore shine to your nails to meet all your requests.

They offer you 2 varnish formulas:

➢  Laying varnish 58 euros

➢  Semi permanent polish à 49 euros


Perform hair removal at experts

Our team of professionals provides you with custom hair removal sessions to get rid of unwanted hair while practicing methods appropriate to the area to be treated to ensure a flawless result to meet your expectations.

It offers solutions according to your complexion and the sensitivity of your skin through 100% natural and quality products.

Hotel bien être et massage Chamonix

Face and body care

Discover our formulas to carry out face care according to your skin:

➢     Express facial treatment
30 min à 45 Euros

➢     Full face care
50 min à 65 Euros

➢     Lifting facial treatment
Mask with caviar extracts
50 min à 85 Euros

➢     Cell renewal facial treatment
Mask with gold powder
During the mask break, leg modeling
75 min à 105 Euros

➢     Body sculpting
Relaxing and soothing

30 / 50 mins à 45 / 80 Euros.

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